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FreeNAS 11.2-BETA1

We are pleased to announce the general availability of FreeNAS 11.2-BETA1. This initial version of the 11.2 series is considered to be feature-complete and ready for testing. Users, especially those who use Plugins, Jails, or VMs, are encouraged to update to this release in order to take advantage of the many improvements and bug fixes to those subsystems. Please report any bugs to https://redmine.ixsystems.com/projects/freenas/.

To update to this release, select the 11.2-STABLE train in System → Update. Should you need to return to the 11.1 series after updating, reboot and select that boot environment from the boot menu.

These major features are new in the 11.2 series:

  • The login screen defaults to the new, Angular-based UI. Users who wish to continue to use the classic UI can select “Legacy UI” in the login screen.
  • Beginning with this release, the screenshots that appear in the published version of the Guide and in the Guide icon within the new UI are for the new UI. However, users who click on the Guide icon while logged into the classic UI will continue to see screenshots for the old UI. The availability of both versions of the Guide is to assist users as they become familiar with the new UI during the transition period before the classic UI is deprecated in a future release.
  • The rewrite from the old API to the new middlewared continues. Once the API stabilizes and the rewrite is complete, api.freenas.org will be deprecated and replaced by the new API documentation. In the mean time, to see the API documentation for the new middleware, log into the new UI, click on the URL for the FreeNAS system in your browser’s location bar, and add /api/docs to the end of that URL.
  • The boot loader has changed from GRUB to the native FreeBSD boot loader. This should resolve several issues that some users experienced with GRUB. GRUB was introduced as a temporary solution until the FreeBSD boot loader had full support for boot environments, which it now has.
  • The Plugins and Jails backend has switched from warden to iocage and warden will no longer receive bug fixes. The new UI will automatically use iocage to create and manage Plugins and Jails. Users are encouraged to recreate any existing Plugins and Jails using the new UI to ensure that they are running the latest supported application versions.
  • Virtual Machines are more crash-resistant. When a guest is started, the amount of available memory is checked and an initialization error will occur if there is insufficient system resources. When a guest is stopped, its resources are returned to the system. In addition, the UEFI boot menu fix allows Linux kernels 4.15 and higher to boot properly.
  • Cloud Sync Tasks provides configuration options to encrypt data before it is transmitted and to keep it in the encrypted format while stored on the cloud. The filenames can also be encrypted.
  • Preliminary support has been added for Self-Encrypting Drives (SEDs).
  • OpenZFS is up-to-date with Illumos and slightly ahead due to support for sorted scrubs which were ported from ZFS on Linux. Notable improvements include channel programs, data disk removal, more resilient volume import, the ability to import a pool with missing vdevs, pool checkpoints, improved compressed ARC performance, and ZIL batching. Note that many of these improvements need further testing so have not yet been integrated into the UI.

Known Issues

There are 2 known limitations of BETA1 that should be fixed for RC1:

Serial console installations are not yet supported.

Resizing zvols created in the new UI is not yet supported. If you need to create a zvol, log into the legacy UI to create it.



9053 Bug AFP home share configuration moved from Services to Sharing
19397 Bug Rename TFTP umask field to “File Permissions” and use permissions selection grid
20169 Umbrella Replace Warden backend with iocage
20236 Feature Document how to create an iocage plugin
23392 Bug Replace (nss|pam)_ldap with nss-pam-ldapd
23893 Bug Enhance compressed ARC performance
24282 Bug Make ctlstat -n option work reasonably for sparse LUN list
24283 Feature Add “exec” property to dataset configuration screen
24405 Bug Add viamillipede to build
24607 Bug Support IPv6 in iocage jails
24740 Bug Properly quote password created during installation
24785 Bug Import LAPIC interrupts fix which should prevent Windows VMs from hanging sporadically
24884 Feature Add option for VM VNC to listen on localhost only
25010 Bug Resolve keymap warning during boot by getting keymaps from vt instead of syscons
25131 Feature Interrupt fixes for Windows installations within VMs
25246 Bug Use middleware to wipe disks on volume creation
25420 Bug Reenable Chelsio TCP offload now that bug in T580-SO-CR 4x10G is fixed
25598 Feature Document API to encrypt a volume
25659 Bug Reset UPS shutdown timer when shutdown mode changes
25941 Feature Convert System:Tunables to Middlewared
25942 Feature Convert Services:LLDP to Middlewared
25943 Feature Convert Services:WebDav to Middlewared
25944 Feature Add Services:Rsync to Middlewared
25945 Feature Convert Tasks:Rsync to Middlewared
25970 Feature Add devel/py-xattr to base install
25973 Feature Set net.link.ether.inet.log_arp_movements to 0 by default
26104 Bug Validate vlan number when configuring via the console
26131 Feature Add “Auxiliary arguments” field to Cloud Sync
26281 Bug Validate that first certificate in chain matches private key
26374 Bug Make ZSH the default root shell for new installs
26432 Feature Provide API calls to get boot pool status and available disks for replacement
26460 Feature Add API to download encryption key
26480 Bug Add a seatbelt for the amount of memory on the host machine available for VM guests
26514 Feature Add API call for web UI images
26518 Bug Add LAGG members to API documentation
26530 Feature Add API to fetch members of a single group
26545 Bug Blacklist mrsas(4) as it is currently unsupported by FreeBSD smartd
26547 Bug Don’t run scrub if the pool is unlocked or not online
26586 Bug Prevent Volume Manager from switching to stripe after selecting cache device
26594 Bug Only show detach button when the boot pool is mirrored
26659 Bug Ensure that disks attached to a pool are not available for use as a spare
26668 Bug Ensure that a disk can not be selected to replace itself
26679 Feature Add System -> Alerts for configuring alert frequency
26708 Bug Fix UEFI boot menu to allow Linux kernels 4.15 and higher to boot properly in bhyve VMs
26779 Feature Add API for boot device scrub
26802 Feature Have login screen default to the new UI
26806 Feature Add API for managing datasets and zvols
26841 Bug Note in the API documentation that bsdusr_attributes cannot be set
26842 Bug Note in the API Documentation that Get User Groups only retrieves/sets auxiliary groups
26895 Bug Allow IPv6 addresses with zone indexes for IPv6 Default Gateway
26898 Bug Don’t require a reboot when entering a static IPv6 default route
26912 Bug Don’t require reboot when adding additional DNS domains
26924 Feature Add file-level encryption to Cloud Sync
26969 Bug Fix an issue with upgrading into an existing boot pool
27047 Feature Convert Services:NFS to Middlewared
27048 Feature Convert Services:SSH to Middlewared
27049 Feature Add Services:SMB to Middlewared
27050 Feature Add Services:S3 to Middlewared
27093 Feature Add middleware to handle jail mounts
27123 Bug Fix range locking in ZIL commit codepath
27215 Bug Document how to add a hot spare using new UI
27271 Bug Prevent generating some /etc files from temporarily blocking middlewared
27272 Bug Prevent IPv6 from slowing down the console
27285 Feature Add sysutils/ncdu to base system
27307 Bug Allow unsigned 64-bit serials for certificates which allows AFP auth against macOS LDAP/KRB5
27332 Feature Add websocket call to get partitions for use by disk import
27333 Feature Bring pNFS code into FreeNAS
27342 Bug Fix detaching a degraded or offlined disk from a boot pool
27362 Bug Do not show Wipe button for disks that are in use
27450 Bug Fix traceback when first unlocking encrypted pool after upgrade
27489 Bug Sanitize IP addresses when set using iocage
27490 Feature Convert Sharing:iSCSI Global to Middlewared
27491 Feature Convert Sharing:iSCSI – Targets to Middlewared
27492 Bug Try to restart middlewared when the address is already in use on boot
27514 Bug Break potential recursion involving getnewvnode and zfs_rmnode
27596 Bug Add an API for network summary
27608 Feature Add API for additional user attributes
27649 Feature Add API to create passphrase for encrypted volumes
27656 Feature Include Intel Meltdown workaround code
27667 Bug Allow multiple NFS shares of the same dataset
27700 Feature Generate warning when a scrub is paused
27705 Feature Add API to remove user attributes
27739 Bug Fix “coroutine object has no attribute result” error
27756 Feature Log rclone events to middleware
27763 Feature Include smbstatus -L output in SMB debug
27786 Bug Fix formatting of failed import text
27794 Feature Add support for configuring a custom S3 endpoint
27802 Feature Add -Z flag to freenas-debug to delete the /var/tmp/fndebug directory
27833 Bug Fix distorted graphics in UEFI mode
27842 Bug Add “MSDOSFS locale” field to Import Disk screen
27843 Bug More robust parser for rsync progress in pool.import_disk
27844 Bug Improve rsync logs for pool.import_disk
27881 Bug Set the default setting for the SMB -> Sharing -> SMB -> Apply Default Permissions checkbox to checked
27895 Bug Remove popup message that refers to defunct Change Email button
27928 Feature Replace GRUB with BSD boot loader
27948 Bug Allow Samba to also listen on loopback when specifying a Bind IP
27961 Feature Authenticate API calls using authorization token header
27967 Bug Validate private key presence and permissions when using rsync over SSH
27968 Bug Add method to handle logs for jobs that produce huge logging output
27990 Feature Add logout method to auth plugin
27994 Bug Add email wrapper to redirect stdout/stderr
28020 Bug Add docker/rancher password restriction to Guide
28025 Bug Fix typo in ix-smbpasswd
28026 Bug Do not load unneeded GEOM modules by default
28044 Bug Fix PUT and DELETE calls fail with a 405 error when using authorization token
28062 Bug Return ACL in filesystem.stat API call
28064 Feature Use FreeBSD boot code for installation images
28068 Bug Use existing aliases in network interface API instead of creating new ones
28091 Feature Add API call for ZFS sync option
28095 Bug Monitor mdnsd and restart if necessary
28156 Bug Escape quotes for S3 secret key
28175 Feature Add disk temperature graph to Reporting
28183 Bug Update minio to version 2018-04-04T05
28218 Bug Do not show Enclosure Slot in Disk View
28219 Bug Focus on username in login page
28220 Bug Fix logout URL in legacy UI
28240 Bug Install FreeBSD GPT zfs loader instead of grub
28465 Feature Provide an API call for the next available VNC port
28470 Bug Display graphs for network interfaces with a colon in the interface name
28496 Umbrella Add Cloud Sync encryption support
28498 Umbrella Implement Meltdown mitigation
28508 Bug Fix winacl issue in minio
28515 Bug Use auth token in header
28519 Bug Update to Netatalk 3.1.12
28533 Bug Use TRACE level for mDNS messages to prevent it from filling middlewared log
28539 Bug Fix renamed function in zilstat MIB
28544 Bug Merge in compressed ARC patches
28548 Bug Do not expose Redmine credentials in debug output
28566 Bug Do not allow underscores in hostname
28567 Feature Add CPU temperature graph in Reporting menu on AMD Ryzen
28572 Bug Fix issue with SNMP over IPv6
28573 Bug Fix default permissions on /etc/services
28590 Bug Mail fixes regarding the “to address” and failed attempts
28592 Feature Automatically unlock SEDs during boot
28593 Bug Fix middlewared debug not starting
28627 Bug Add the iocage host interface to the bridge and only rename if the default vnet0 interface is supplied
28656 Bug Add API method to get current activated pool
28680 Bug Actually restart when middlewared is started in the foregound
28754 Bug Fix traceback if an incorrect passphrase is used when unlocking a pool
28780 Bug Delete static address after switching to DHCP
28784 Bug Fix minio config directory permissions
28790 Feature Return FreeNAS version in SNMP sysDescr string
28798 Bug Add security/gnupg to base as needed by update-smart-drivedb
28804 Bug Update API docs for SMART tests
28814 Feature Add API to open a shell in the specified jail
28876 Feature Add API to promote datasets
28888 Bug Fix Plugins check that looks for an active pool
29000 Feature Add APIs for getting AD and LDAP users and groups
29020 Bug Encrypt cloud credentials in configuration database
29044 Bug Rework middlewared pipes so that file descriptors won’t leak
29086 Bug Display more information when mirroring boot device fails due to target device size being too small
29096 Feature Add API to decrypt disks and import pool
29161 Bug Update rsync to version 3.1.3
29185 Bug Add –pidfile flag to middlewared
29189 Bug Ensure the host NIC attached to a VM is in an UP state
29221 Bug Fix traceback on kerberoskeytab and kerberosprincipal API operations
29277 Bug Wait for zfs.pool.extend to complete so we can propagate errors when adding a mirrored USB drive
29265 Bug Generate a unique serial for each LUN
29365 Bug Add a manual update function to Update.py
29377 Bug Provide API endpoint for `directoryservice_clearcache`
29389 Bug Show errors on boot pool attach or replace
29533 Bug Read complete lines from devd socket to prevent skipped events
29566 Bug Increase size of MOTD
29613 Feature Check size of debug file and generate an error if it is over the size limit
29785 Bug Add a worker process to use with non thread-safe modules
29805 Bug Allow /etc/find_alias_for_smtplib.sh to be used by sudoers
30010 Bug Fix UI display bug for iSCSI LUNs
30031 Feature Convert Network:Global Configuration to Middlewared
30034 Feature Convert System:General to Middlewared
30097 Bug Fix restoring rrds from /data/rrd_dir.tar.bz2
30100 Bug Build new UI Guide from angulargui branch
30106 Bug Fix DDNS using SSL when “Use SSL” is unchecked
30168 Feature Add “exec” option to pool.dataset API
30177 Bug Add msdosfs_iconv kernel module
30354 Bug S.M.A.R.T. fix for devices that report “Unknown USB bridge”
30405 Bug Fix traceback in S3 Service
30432 Feature Document in the Guide how users can submit iocage plugins
30468 Feature Add pause attribute to py-libzfs scrub state
30504 Bug Remove deprecated consul and consul alerts
30597 Bug Handle IOCAGE_SKIP gracefully when no pool is activated
30672 Bug Add vnet_interfaces to iocage creation config
30675 Bug Configure the serial console to support both BIOS and UEFI
30687 Bug Fix validation of hostname for FTP Masquerade address
30690 Feature Convert Storage:Scrub to Middlewared
30693 Feature Convert System:Advanced to Middlewared
30705 Bug Fix for Error 22:’FakeMiddleware’ object has no attribute ‘run_in_thread’
30765 Feature Convert Network:Static Routes to Middlewared
30798 Bug Fix process alerts traceback
30813 Bug Make SNMP indexes 1-based as described in RFC 2578
30846 Bug Turn disk.sync_all into a job so it won’t time out while booting
30852 Bug Start iocage jails after volume is unlocked
30858 Bug Fix traceback that prevented iocage create jail from template from working
30864 Feature Update Netdata to 1.10.0
30870 Bug Ensure shell is killed on connection close
30969 Bug Merge fix for detaching a degraded or offlined disk from a pool
30987 Feature Convert Storage:Resilver Priority to Middlewared
31014 Bug Fix middleware client not working in Microsoft Edge due to middlewareTokenUrl being undefined
31083 Bug Fix traceback when importing a non-encrypted pool
31110 Bug Mitigate command injection by prohibiting the setting of multiple NIC options at once
31185 Feature Convert Services:UPS to Middlewared
31188 Feature Convert Task:CronJob to Middlewared
31215 Feature Convert Storage:Disk-Wipe to Middlewared
31218 Feature Add API to associate an SMB share with a periodic snapshot task
31251 Feature Convert Tasks:SMART to Middlewared
31254 Feature Convert Services:DC to Middlewared
31299 Bug Separate S.M.A.R.T. email addresses with spaces
31308 Bug Update /etc/resolv.conf when nameservers are changed in Network -> Global Configuration
31317 Feature Convert Sharing:iSCSI Portals to Middlewared
31341 Bug Start S.M.A.R.T. service using smartd-daemon rc script
31382 Feature Convert Sharing:AFP to Middlewared
31384 Feature Add iocage attribute to differentiate official plugins
31400 Bug Silence warning about nut_upsshut not being set when it is disabled
31402 Feature Fix iocage traceback when DNS server not found
31674 Bug Do not spawn another middleware thread if only the thread id is different
31731 Feature Extend jail.query to allow a jail identifier
31770 Feature Use “camcontrol devlist -v” in freenas-debug
31893 Bug Rebase Ports Tree
31920 Bug Fix memory leak in net-snmp
31950 Feature Convert Sharing:CIFS to Middlewared
31953 Feature Convert System:CA to Middlewared
31956 Feature Convert System:Certificates to Middlewared
32001 Feature Add share_type to pool.dataset middleware call
32067 Bug Fix error in jail.create call
32112 Bug Fix download link in installation section of Guide
32118 Bug Don’t restart NTP when changing the GUI language
32169 Bug Don’t advertise unsupported UPS types
32211 Bug Update config file format version
32223 Bug Fix bug that prevented creation of Time Machine share when AFP home share exists
32262 Bug Sorting bug fixed in ISCSITargetToExtent
32274 Bug Return an IP address for DHCP jails when queried by jail.query call
32352 Feature Add UPS serial port choices to Middlewared
32361 Feature Add CURL support to collectd
32364 Bug Fix for WebDAV SSL choices
32382 Bug Ensure group.query middleware call provides information about primary users belonging to a group
32388 Bug Stop all iocage jails before a exporting a pool
32412 Bug Fix deprecated fstab error
32430 Feature Convert System:General:NTP Servers to Middlewared
32451 Feature Convert Sharing:NFS to Middlewared
32457 Feature Convert Sharing:iSCSI – Authorized Access to Middlewared
32472 Feature Convert Sharing:WebDav to Middlewared
32484 Bug Add filesystem.stat to middleware to provide user and group names
32502 Bug Fix smartd config not being generated
32523 Bug Bind middlewared to Unix socket and use it by default in client
32526 Bug Check that the path exists within the volume when creating an AFP share
32535 Bug Mount ZFS dataset before setting share type
32577 Bug Generate specified Subject Alternate Names in Certificate Signing Request
32673 Feature Convert Storage:VMWare Snapshots to Middlewared
32679 Feature Convert Storage:Periodic Snapshot Tasks to Middlewared
32685 Bug Fix alias bug that prevented certain users from not being added to /etc/aliases
32751 Bug Detach GELI on single disk swap
32760 Bug Fix shell in new UI
32766 Bug Fix mountpoint traceback when creating shares
32772 Bug Reconfigure swap when a disk vanishes
32775 Bug Disable file upload size for VMs in middlewared
32931 Bug Add p5-IO-Socket-INET6 as a run dependency for asip-status.pl
32937 Bug Clean up krb5.conf and pam.d/* after stopping AD
32946 Feature Create bacula iocage plugin
32976 Feature Create XMRig iocage plugin
32985 Feature Convert Sharing:iSCSI Extent to Middlewared
33021 Bug Try to show the reason a VMware snapshot failed
33048 Bug Fix domaincontroller partial update in API
33054 Feature Automatically create bridge with default route for iocage jails
33060 Feature Add API to show pool status/topology
33063 Bug Update instructions for submitting FreeNAS UI translations
33114 Feature Return plugin versions in API
33159 Bug Allow SNMP contact field to be empty
33171 Bug Update FreeBSD cam driver
33183 Bug Fix issue with UEFI installs on hybrid BSD loader images
33237 Bug Fix serial_from_device for virtio-block disks
33240 Feature Add update.file API call to update system using tar file
33276 Feature Add puc(4) driver to the kernel config
33279 Feature Convert Sharing:iSCSI Initiators to Middlewared
33294 Bug Fix traceback when adding a LAGG
33297 Bug Set Plugins in legacy UI to read-only
33300 Bug Wait for system to fully boot before running alerts
33306 Bug Disable Jails creation in legacy UI
33330 Bug Fix NFS share creation in API
33387 Bug Allow REST to run Jobs returning its `id`
33411 Feature Convert Storage:Replication to Middlewared
33441 Feature Support all cloud sync services that rclone supports
33483 Bug Fix KERBEROS5 option in netatalk3 port
33576 Bug Handle permission error more gracefully when creating local user
33612 Feature Convert Sharing:iSCSI Target to Extent to Middlewared
33636 Feature Add ability to change passphrase on a volume to API 1.0
33660 Bug Provide device name in pool topology API
33666 Bug Write API functional tests for Tunables
33672 Bug Write API functional tests for LLDP
33684 Bug Write API functional tests for Cronjob
33687 Bug Write API functional tests for Init/Shutdown Scripts
33696 Feature Add disk online API and document disk offline API
33711 Bug Allow trailing slashes in REST 2.0 API
33720 Bug Write API functional tests for System General
33726 Bug Handle validation and schema errors in REST 2.0
33780 Bug Write API functional tests for Disks
33783 Bug Write API functional tests for System Advanced
33789 Feature Add Disk update method to middleware
33834 Bug Write API functional tests for rsync
33837 Bug Write API functional tests for SNMP
33840 Bug Write API functional tests for dyndns
33852 Bug Specify replication bandwidth limit in kbps
33861 Bug Fix setting value on inherited attributes in middleware
33864 Bug Write API functional tests for NTP Servers
33891 Bug Write API functional tests for Static Routes
33900 Bug Force size option added for zvol creation in Middlewared
33936 Feature Add release build date to middleware
33942 Bug Write API functional tests for SMART
33945 Bug Fix maproot/mapall not having default null values in NFS create API
33969 Bug Write API functional tests for ups
33972 Bug Write API functional tests for webdav_bsd
33975 Bug Write API functional tests for webdav_osx
34002 Bug Add API to force a disk replacement
34005 Bug Add default values to keys that need it in sharing/cifs API
34032 Bug Properly show API 1.0 errors on forms using middleware
34035 Bug Remove path from proxy_pass to disable decoding in API
34047 Feature Convert Storage:Permissions to Middlewared
34050 Bug Remove CRASHED state from API until proper service monitoring is implemented
34053 Bug Add missing default values to /sharing/afp API
34056 Bug Unmount datasets before deletion
34071 Bug Fix iSCSI Target Group 1.0 API
34074 Bug Allow GET for /{service}/id/{id}/ in REST 2.0
34092 Bug Fix middleware bug in rsync task quick scheduler
34128 Bug Fix displaying unnecessary errors when ResponseParserError occurs in API
34134 Bug Fix corruption of first byte in AFP_AfpInfo stream/xattr in Samba
34146 Bug Load catia VFS module before zfs_space and zfsacl
34180 Bug Create API tests for pool dataset plugin
34195 Bug Add API tests for iSCSI
34213 Feature Add API endpoint to remove a disk from a pool
34231 Bug Minor fixes for iSCSI API
34234 Feature Add compressionratio to API
34381 Bug Fix traceback in AFP share API
34411 Bug Get samba_server status when checking if AD started
34417 Bug Register URLs with and without a slash to avoid a redirect
34432 Bug Display root email in Wizard
34462 Feature Provide progress report for update.download job
34477 Bug Fix recursion issue in Import Certificate
34498 Bug Add API tests for IPMI
34501 Bug Create API tests for TFTP
34507 Bug Minor code improvements for TFTP plugin
34522 Bug Allow reset of SED password in UI
34528 Bug Fix traceback in /sharing/cifs/id API
34603 Bug Fix traceback when setting IPMI VLAN ID
34606 Bug Fix to allow SSH to reload when start on boot is disabled for SSH
34609 Bug Move FireWire drivers to modules and remove COMPAT_43TTY from kernel config
34636 Feature Reload iSCSI when zvol size changes
34675 Bug Fix order of certificate chain in middleware
34741 Bug Support IPv6 networks for NFS shares
34744 Bug Add -sec=sys to NFS when using Kerberos keytabs
34771 Bug Catch any exceptions when updating a property
34807 Bug Minor edits in IPMI plugin
34810 Bug Display an error if user trys to install a plugin on a dataset configured with noexec
34843 Bug Fix “Set of coroutines/Futures is empty” error when querying for invalid service
34846 Bug Fix default iocage jail filtering
34870 Bug Add APIv2 tests for Jails
34885 Bug Ensure ui_protocol is uppercase in /system/general/ API
34891 Bug Minor edits in Jail plugin
34909 Bug Fix deadlock when using call_sync
34924 Bug Fix display of list parameters in /api/docs/
34945 Bug Fix deleting cloud credentials
34951 Bug Separate S.M.A.R.T. email addresses with spaces
34954 Bug Make encryption_salt non-required field for Cloud Sync Task
34969 Bug Properly handle dataset recordsize of 1M
34996 Bug Fix middleware error when creating iSCSI Authorized Access
35017 Bug Improve validation for serial ports
35035 Bug Do not allow invalid JSON object attributes on REST calls
35038 Bug Rename cifs to smb in REST API
35041 Bug Provide API call to get SMB sharing storage tasks
35074 Bug Watch middleware parent process on workers
35110 Bug Update APIv1 documentation for smarttest_disks
35113 Bug Update iocage destroy example in Guide
35128 Bug Fix traceback caused by attribute name change in iocage
35167 Bug Properly report invalid cloud credentials
35215 Bug Fix smart.nawk script in freenas-debug SMART section
35233 Bug Catch up sharing.cifs to sharing.smb renaming in middleware
35257 Bug Fix disk identifier issue in new UI
35317 Bug Build single hybrid CD/USB ISO image
35374 Bug Add dummy input fields to prevent the browser from auto-filling passwords
35404 Bug Fix race condition in SMART
35416 Bug Add APIv2 tests for S3
35527 Bug Fix aliases in new UI
35542 Bug Fix traceback when updating zvol size
35548 Bug Explicitly make serial console preferred when it is enabled
35551 Bug Fix creating zvol with volblocksize
35587 Bug Fix instances where pool.snapshot was renamed to pool.snapshottask in middleware
35653 Bug Check GRUB presence via kenv instead of fstab
35863 Bug Fix traceback when creating new Cloud Sync Task
35873 Bug Fix error when changing Cloud Credential Name in new UI
36008 Bug Fix for resolved hostnames validator
36118 Bug Add support to boot from dataset with a colon in its name
36173 Bug Use ups.port_choices and ups.driver_choices to get ports and drivers for UPS in new UI
36183 Bug Fix corruption of first byte in AFP_AfpInfo stream/xattr in Samba
36223 Bug Allow upgrades on systems where grub is the only fstab entry
36228 Bug Fix traceback in new UI when checking the force button in the create a zvol screen
36468 Bug Fix zvol edit mode in new UI
36523 Bug Hide Auxiliary Arguments from Cloud Sync task
36728 Bug Fix for ISO upgrade in BIOS mode
37053 Bug Fix SATA DOM RAID installs
37614 Bug Allow lists as alert arguments
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