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FreeNAS 11.1-U7

The FreeNAS development team is pleased to announce the availability of the latest update to FreeNAS 11.1.

This bug fix release addresses the following security vulnerabilities:

The Enable SMB1 support checkbox has been added to Services ‣ SMB. However, users are cautioned to not use SMB1.

Users of 11.1 systems are encouraged to update to U7 using the instructions in the Guide.



42737 Bug Unblock SIGCHLD to prevent too many smartd processes
42773 Bug Remove redundant mrsas checks in smartd
43196 Bug Fix SMART config not being regenerated when reloading smartd
43756 Bug Display processes as a tree in freenas-debug
44947 Bug Add –continue-on-error for inadyn to prevent it from exiting on error
46216 Bug Apply FreeBSD-SA-18:12.elf and update FreeBSD-EN-18:08.lazyfpu fix
46403 Bug Update wording in legacy UI when downloading updates
47459 Bug Restore ports build optimization while retaining debug symbols
48184 Bug Change dataset aclmode before trying to change permissions
48867 Bug Limit IPMI admin password to 20 characters in legacy UI
48941 Bug Handle pwenc_decrypt errors in EncryptedDictField of Cloud Sync tasks
50467 Bug Fix typo under Storage -> View Disks in Guide
53415 Bug Restart smartd in background as it can take some time on systems with many disks
54591 Bug Fix “JSON Service Account Key” not being a file field
54954 Feature Add “Enable SMB1 support” checkbox to Services -> SMB
55734 Bug Remove showmount from freenas-debug to prevent hang condition
55752 Bug Remove freenas-verify from freenas-debug
55887 Bug Remove cachetool.py from freenas-debug
56643 Bug Fix creation of vlan parent interface when using netcli
56682 Bug Improve service_monitor handling for unrecoverable AD
56751 Bug Validate AD config file before trying to configure Kerberos
57141 Bug Fix APIv1 bug that prevented deletion of a cloned zvol
57699 Bug Fix bug that prevented downloading the config file during a manual update
59922 Bug Correctly populate dropdown for snapshot tasks in legacy UI
59958 Bug Fix multiple Samba CVEs
60282 Bug Fix FreeBSD-SA-18:13.nfs
60417 Bug Ensure crontab contains created Cron Jobs
60426 Bug Remove showmount from freenas-debug to prevent hang condition
60435 Bug Remove freenas-verify from freenas-debug
60444 Bug Remove cachetool.py from freenas-debug
60453 Bug Exclude .zfs/snapshot directories from collectd df output
60462 Bug Make Services -> S3 -> Disks a required field
60471 Bug Prevent Cloud Sync Tasks from overflowing /mnt
60570 Bug Reduce logging verbosity in freenasldap.py
60750 Bug Restart smartd in background when creating a SMART Task
61848 Bug Bug fix for WebDAV SSL choices
61881 Bug Add support for externally signed certificates
62415 Bug Fix bhyve CVE-2018-17160
62928 Bug Bug fix for nginx configuration file
63180 Bug Relax the TCP reassembly queue length limit to improve performance
64206 Bug Fix trusted domain users/groups error message in legacy UI
64521 Bug Add -d removable for all S.M.A.R.T. devices
65565 Bug Add warning when using Manual Setup in legacy UI for volume creation
66051 Bug Do not start S3 service at boot if ‘Start Automatically’ is not checked
66405 Bug Fix traceback in cloudsync
67780 Bug Update benchmarks/fio to 3.5
68851 Bug Bump copyright year in motd to 2019
69238 Bug Add vfs_ixnas VFS module
69373 Feature Remove docs build from FreeNAS build
69375 Feature Have middleware point to online version of Guide
69382 Feature Have Guide icon point to online version of Guide
70102 Bug Merge fix for act_scan_laundry_weight mechanism
71121 Bug Fix bug in manual volume creation in legacy UI
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