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FreeNAS 11.1-U5

The FreeNAS development team is pleased to announce the availability of the fifth update to FreeNAS 11.1.

Since this is mostly a bug fix update, no changes have been made to the 11.1-U4 version of the Guide. This update did add preliminary support for Self-Encrypting Drives. Refer to Using Self-Encrypted Drives for instructions on how to configure these devices.

Due to the proximity of the upcoming 11.2-BETA1 release, the “Try the BETA UI!” link has been removed from the login screen for 11.1-U5. Users who wish to test the new UI before BETA1 is released are encouraged to create a clone of their current boot environment, switch to the nightlies train, and update to the nightlies. This ensures that there is a stable boot environment to reboot into and upgrade from, once BETA1 is released.


Known Issues

If the S.M.A.R.T. service will not start,it is due to a known bug for some USB and SSD devices. To find the problematic device, look in /var/log/messages for a line similar to this one:

May 31 23:54:58 freenas smartd[13590]: Unable to register device /dev/da1
 (no Directive -d removable). Exiting.

In this example, /dev/da1 is the problematic device.  Then, go to Storage→Volumes → View Disks, select the problematic device, click its Edit button, and uncheck the Enable S.M.A.R.T. checkbox. You should now be able to start the S.M.A.R.T. service.



24965 Feature Add more command output to freenas-debug
26484 Bug Don’t write unneeded SNMP messages to /var/log/messages
27936 Bug More fixes to ensure /nonexistent directory is not created
28585 Umbrella Fix Samba memory leak in vfswrap_getwd()
28862 Bug Fix restoring old reporting values after a FreeNAS update
29971 Feature Improve logging in AD monitoring
30213 Bug Turn bootenv.delete into a job to prevent timeout related traceback when deleting boot enviroments
30609 Bug Do not log nginx errors to console
30729 Bug Speed up and clean up freenas-debug
30768 Bug Fix argument for SMB_VFS_NEXT_DISK_FREE in zfs_space VFS module
30960 Bug Display Samba version and git commit with smbd -v
30990 Bug Make lagg work with 100Gbps and 25Gbps interfaces that report extended media types
31041 Feature Add support for Self-Encrypting Drives
31050 Bug Do not spawn another thread on call_sync middleware call
31059 Bug Fix user.delete API call when DC is enabled
31404 Bug When using ADS disable DOSATTRIB to prevent Windows 7 “Invalid MS-DOS function” error
31635 Bug Correct PAM constants for AFP users authenticating as local user in LDAP environment
31773 Bug Migrate MTU settings when upgrading from 9.10.X to 11.1.X
32868 Bug Fix “Check Now” traceback error
32880 Bug Fix alert services traceback
32943 Bug Add -M to freenas-debug to check SATA DOM speed
33045 Bug Check if TrueNAS system needs an HBA firmware update
33228 Feature Add configured SMART, replication, and scrub tasks to freenas-debug
33618 Bug Do not show beta UI link
33663 Bug Alphabetize freenas-debug switches
33786 Bug Be less restrictive for NFS exports
33855 Bug Remove dtrace freenas-debug modules
33885 Bug Start dbus before netatalk
33924 Bug Add check to see if NIS is enabled
33927 Bug Fix typo in NFS section of freenas-debug
33930 Bug Fix traceback in system section of freenas-debug
33957 Bug Fix Python global interpreter lock with LDAP
33987 Bug Fix system.advanced traceback during system boot
33993 Bug Remove parallel routines for freenas-debug to prevent CPU spike

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