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We are pleased to announce the general availability of FreeNAS 11.1. This release delivers many performance improvements, new and updated drivers, new features and enhancements, and bug fixes. FreeNAS 11.1 can be used and distributed free of charge, and updates are freely available.

Operating System

FreeNAS 11.1 is based on the FreeBSD 11.1-STABLE operating system, which includes numerous performance improvements, new and updated drivers, new features, and bug fixes.


OpenZFS has seen many improvements. Users will notice a significant speedup when listing a large number of snapshots or deleting multiple snapshots and large files.

The scrub and resilver algorithm implement substantial speed improvements which will be most noticeable on fragmented pools.

Resilver Priority has been added to Storage. Resilvering, which rebuilds the storage array, can now be run at a higher priority at configurable times and days of the week.

Hardware Support

The hardware watchdog has been reenabled for recent firmware versions of AsrockRack C2750D4I. The BMC bug which required the watchdog to be disabled is resolved with the 00.35.00 or newer BMC firmware version.


The Identify Light button has been added to identify a system in a rack by flashing its Unit ID light.

Cloud Support

Cloud Credentials has been added to System, providing a secure connection with cloud service providers. Supported services include Amazon S3, Azure Blob Storage, Backblaze B2, and Google Cloud Storage.

Cloud Sync has been added to Tasks, giving the capability of synchronizing files or directories with remote cloud storage.

Virtual Machines

VMs have received significant improvements, including:

  • selecting which NIC is used by the VM, and setting the MAC address for the VM NIC.
  • specifying the sector size used by the emulated disk.
  • selecting the VNC screen resolution, the IP address to bind to, the VNC password, and the option to use the Web version of VNC.
  • the option to create a Docker instance based on RancherOS.


  • The Netdata real-time performance and monitoring system has been added.
  • The SNMP MIB has many improvements, including the ability to send SNMP traps for new alerts.

Time Machine

Support for per-backup OS X Time Machine quotas has been added.


The Send Test Alert button has been added to Alert Services, making testing of notification services simpler.

The complete list of features is available at http://doc.freenas.org/11/intro.html#new-features-in-release.



7493 Feature Use inadyn as DDNS backend to support more providers
11534 Bug Register enterprise number for FREENAS-MIB
13630 Bug Prevent large file delete from starving out write operations
16455 Bug Add lsiget tool
17907 Feature Add ability to sign CSRs using internal FreeNAS CA
18428 Feature Speed up snapshots listing
18615 Bug Skip old login failures in daily security run output
19406 Bug Remove Snapshot Replication column
19572 Feature Allow readonly attribute for datasets to be set/unset from the GUI
19740 Bug Update Advanced Console UI description
20230 Bug Clarify scrub schedule fields in Guide
20908 Feature Add several new providers for Dynamic DNS
21091 Feature Script to migrate from warden to iocage jails
21872 Feature Apply default permissions to SMB share ACLs
22859 Bug Speed up the installation of base-os
23177 Feature Add System – General fields to Middlewared
23355 Feature Add Netdata service
23361 Feature Add unauthorized reboot e-mail alert
23439 Bug ZFS VFS objects are optional
23441 Feature Add Support for Backblaze B2
23455 Feature Detach device from mirrored boot pool
23481 Feature Allow users to access VM guest’s VNC via web shell
23493 Bug Fix VM stop
23523 Feature Support for mirrored swap partitions
23552 Bug Re-enable hardware watchdog for newer firmware versions of AsrockRack C2750D4I
23615 Bug Disallow attribute changes for builtin users
23651 Bug Add ability to set the VM NIC Mac Address
23652 Bug Add ability to use RAW disk with guest VMs
23684 Bug Disable Nginx server tokens
23691 Feature Add warning in MOTD
23780 Bug Allow Wizard to add another user after a user is deleted
23795 Feature Add ability to restart a VM
23848 Bug Unify zvol create/update code and update API docs
23850 Bug Add compression and dedup to zvol API
23857 Bug Filter out collectd log spam
23871 Bug Don’t create additional dataset at replication destination
23872 Bug Allow rsync task with / as remote host
23881 Bug Unify API code to create/update zvol
23883 Bug Document API for boot environment calls
23894 Feature Add ability to choose the VM VNC screen resolution
23916 Feature Allow multiple Subject Alternate Names in CAs and Certs
23922 Feature Allow WebDAV to function with no authentication
23927 Bug Add ability to select the NIC used by a VM
23928 Feature Add ability to send test alert to Alert Services
23934 Bug Fix traceback when trying to PUT nonexistent object
23943 Bug Prevent infinite folder replication within home directory
23977 Bug RealVNC Viewer can’t connect to VM VNC with auto quality enabled
23978 Feature Enable VLAN priority code point (vlanpcp) for CoS classification
23979 Feature Add VNC authentication support to VMs
23989 Bug Clarify what replicator does when there is no overlapping snapshot on the sending/receiving system
24013 Feature Add “clone promote” functionality to Storage tab
24014 Bug Do not auto-hide error messages on top of the GUI
24040 Bug Add comments to zvol dict
24042 Bug Fix update jail API
24049 Bug Only snapshot imported volumes
24051 Bug Add SNMP log level and default to LOG_ERR
24071 Bug Add VM device to API
24077 Bug Remove 120 character limit from SSH Service “Extra Options” field
24099 Bug Filter out useless messages
24139 Bug Increase timeout to delete boot environment
24172 Feature Add Identify Light button to IPMI
24202 Bug Document VM serial console access
24211 Feature Add compressed ARC stats to top(1)
24212 Bug Allow import of encrypted CA key
24217 Bug Fix SMART tests for wizard-generated configurations
24221 Bug Fix Stop VM button
24222 Bug Add NIC default to new VM
24237 Bug Allow S.M.A.R.T. tests for boot devices
24278 Bug Add API call to update iSCSI portal with unchanged ip:port
24337 Feature Add disk description to title of disk reporting graphs
24402 Bug Improvements to SNMP MIB
24491 Bug Fix traceback when disabling AD directory service
24521 Bug Fix traceback when creating jail using iocage
24528 Bug Fix iocage fetch traceback
24543 Bug Disable daily system uptime report
24571 Feature Add multiple NIC selection to VM networking
24573 Bug Change middlewared to use asyncio
24574 Bug Move BE validation to middleware
24586 Bug Make NFS service bind ip use list instead of string
24594 Bug Add SSL/TLS Support to S3
24597 Feature Add mmv
24598 Feature Randomize default VM NIC Mac Address to avoid conflicts
24599 Bug Ensure minimum memory for VM guest
24604 Feature Add support for HBA 9400-8i (P2 driver)
24731 Bug Replace smartd rc script with smartd-daemon that forks immediately
24782 Bug Fix sort error on Replication Column heading
24795 Bug Allow zvol comments to work with ‘ character
24816 Bug Specify “-o large” when mounting MSDOS filesystems
24819 Feature Add devcpu-data to allow CPU microcode update for Intel Skylake/Kaby Lake processors
24820 Bug Update ixl(4) driver
24845 Feature Provide a shell websocket to use with xterm.js
24885 Bug Update system packages
24926 Bug Do not require Options when adding a new Link Aggregation Member
24930 Bug Unify dataset create/update code in API
24947 Bug Remove LANMAN information from Guide
24949 Bug Don’t traceback when unable to send email
24956 Bug Reduce migration time when upgrading within 11 series
24964 Feature Improve freenas-debug -n (Dump Network Configuration)
24969 Feature Add descriptive headers to freenas-debug
24988 Bug Add API calls to submit tickets
25037 Bug Fix AWS-SNS Alert Service
25038 Bug Re-evaluate NICChoices every time
25053 Bug Reduce RAM fragmentation
25057 Bug Fix traceback when deleting boot environment
25090 Bug Fix bhyve core dump
25101 Bug Replace SMB min/max protocol fields with sysctls
25113 Bug Fix Users sorting error
25140 Bug Display multipath disks in View Disks
25151 Bug Fix cron job “Run now” button
25158 Bug Sync System tab with timezone change
25170 Feature Add Resilver Priority to Storage tab
25182 Feature Add Offline button for faulted devices
25183 Bug Fix Samba PID location
25237 Bug Fix ichwd(4) shutdown crash
25239 Bug Fix reset of webdav password
25252 Bug Add ability to dismiss alert to API
25269 Feature Add No Communication Warning Time field to UPS service
25272 Bug Update OpenVPN to 2.3.14
25278 Bug Add IPMI to middleware
25283 Feature Update API docs for dataset edit
25287 Bug Autocreate iocage bridges
25290 Bug Create RAM disk for RRD files so they don’t fill up tmp partition
25292 Feature Improve dataset resource in API
25303 Bug Add ability to edit a Certificate
25316 Bug Update Iperf to 3-3.2
25318 Bug Update iocage to 0.9.9
25323 Feature API function to retrieve resilvering progress
25328 Feature Add beadm list to freenas-debug
25354 Bug Stop VM before deleting it
25356 Feature Add mbuffer
25381 Feature Add bsdusr_attributes to API
25384 Feature Add sector size option for VM block devices
25392 Feature Add CP1252 to DOS charset choices
25397 Feature Add filtering for filesystem.listdir
25403 Bug Restore zvol size warning
25405 Bug Support hardware with many interrupt vectors, such as Dell R730
25429 Bug Fix wizard traceback when creating Windows share
25439 Bug Increase timeout for shell websocket
25479 Bug Fix traceback when creating snapshot with existing name
25501 Feature Display available uhid devices in UPS service
25518 Bug Prevent creation of duplicate vlan
25521 Feature Generate SHA256 checksum for manual update file
25522 Feature Add checkbox to enable time machine to home share
25529 Feature Add ability to clone VMs
25530 Bug Add scrub pause & resume
25531 Bug Add scrub sorting feature
25560 Bug Allow nfs onestart to work with NFSv4
25565 Feature Add users logic to middlewared
25619 Bug Validate LUN ID for associated targets
25621 Feature Add feature to force encryption with Amazon S3 Cloud Sync
25645 Bug Fix sshd config generation
25657 Bug Fix permissions on logs
25685 Feature Add enable/disabled option for Init/Shutdown Scripts
25697 Feature Uncheck “Wait to boot” VM option by default
25700 Bug Add IPv6 support for VNC in VMs
25704 Bug Add hot spare description to Guide
25709 Bug Update mps driver
25737 Bug Clarify replace disk instructions in Guide
25754 Bug Fix jail web shell hang
25764 Bug Move system dataset business logic to middlewared
25808 Feature Add back s3cmd
25821 Feature Remove unused idmap backends
25830 Bug Update Dojo Toolkit to 1.12.2
25848 Feature Add Cloud Sync, Google Cloud Storage, and Backblaze B2 support
25856 Bug Correct HTTP proxy username/password format in Guide
25894 Bug Enable IPMI support in collectd
25918 Feature Convert FTP service GUI to Middlewared
25919 Feature Convert AFP service GUI to Middlewared
25936 Feature Add checkbox to toggle Access Based Enumeration on SMB shares
25959 Bug Clarify collectd.conf documentation in Guide
25978 Feature Indicate that the new GUI is still in beta
25982 Bug Allow catia VFS object to be enabled independently from fruit and streams_xattr
25987 Bug Add support for Ryzen processors
25990 Feature Add ability to query Certificate ID using API
26004 Feature Convert System:Email to Middlewared
26011 Feature Remove character limitation in Auxiliary Parameters field of FTP service
26012 Bug Fix Rsync service tooltip
26020 Feature Convert Services:SNMP to Middlewared
26021 Feature Convert Services:SMART to Middlewared
26026 Bug Fix traceback on certificate import
26030 Bug Preserve RRD graphs after hostname change
26043 Bug Fix nginx alias bug in new GUI
26049 Bug Clarify description for LDAP certificate in Guide
26067 Bug Use Object ID for group in API
26080 Feature Convert System:Boot Env to Middlewared
26097 Bug Preserve new lines in MOTD
26101 Feature REST v2.0 OpenAPI Specification
26179 Feature Convert Services:DynDNS to Middlewared
26201 Feature Support double confirmation on some dialogs
26218 Bug Rewrite poor dedup warning
26239 Bug Indicate that the Netdata service needs to be started before it can be configured
26241 Bug Retire 9.3 train
26242 Bug Improve text in VM field names and tooltips
26244 Bug Fix traceback when signing a CSR
26270 Bug Restart cron after timezone change
26271 Feature Use middlewared to get public key and scan remote ssh key
26292 Feature Add support for Intel X553 to ixgb(4)


24127 Feature Update AD and LDAP endpoints in API
25394 Bug Remove_ea_value() calls and its 64K limitation
25543 Bug Proper error messages for VMware exceptions
25889 Bug Allow reporting CPU usage as a percentage
26278 Feature Add ability to get console messages to API
26295 Bug More improvements to SNMP MIB
26313 Bug Merge in additional upstream scrub commits
26329 Bug Fix 11.1 Prerelease registering as a downgrade
26343 Bug Update iocage section of Guide
26344 Bug Preserve leading space in MOTD banner field
26352 Feature Update Netdata to 1.8.0
26357 Bug Report PCI UARTs to recognize serial cards
26358 Feature Convert Tasks:InitShutdown to Middlewared
26372 Bug Handle failed password attempts when logging into new UI
26373 Feature Middleware events for scrub/resilver progress
26387 Bug Fix SMART service not sending emails
26408 Bug Change minimum required memory to 8GB in installer


17875 Bug Specify a quota per time machine backup
17923 Feature Add dataset quota email notifications
21336 Bug Add ability to attach smaller disk to a larger one
23357 Bug Add ability to create Docker container in VM using RancherOS
23544 Feature Allow up to 6 additional domains in DNS search directive
24972 Feature Add transfer mode for cloud sync tasks
25034 Bug Fix Intel i350 WOL bug
25527 Bug Allow $ character in IPMI password
25734 Bug Expose zvol state through SNMP
25886 Bug Ensure NFS shares networks do not overlap
26047 Bug Use certificate chain if certificate contains multiple parts
26165 Bug Send email when scrub finishes
26178 Feature Convert Services:TFTP to Middlewared
26316 Bug Include VirtualBox in note about promiscuous mode in Guide
26330 Feature Add API to get Kerberos principal
26340 Feature Add location to change lagg MTU to tooltip
26365 Bug Ensure uniqueness by combining guest VM name with its ID number
26386 Bug Be consistent when restarting NFS
26393 Bug Properly detect disks and display in View Disks
26403 Bug Don’t send email on authorized system reboot
26416 Bug Do not traceback if volume is locked
26441 Bug Add back scrub/resilver tunables
26470 Bug Allow interfaces to be selected from netcli
26471 Feature Add support for CloudSync Azure backups
26492 Feature Add zfs-stats command
26498 Bug Fix PULL tasks for BackBlaze and Google Cloud storage
26505 Bug Fix FTP traceback
26555 Bug Fix traceback when creating a volume after destroying the old volume
26557 Bug Only create new virtual interface if it does not exist
26563 Bug Provide message when configuring a dataset fails
26593 Bug Fix snmp-agent.py shebang
26615 Bug Remove from VNC option
26650 Bug Correctly report ZFS dataset quota overflows
26661 Bug Fix traceback in CPU temperature graph
26663 Bug Fix disk attach/detach of boot pool
26687 Bug Improve performance for speculative prefetch in ZFS for misaligned reads
26774 Bug Fix middlewared segfault due to libzfs not being thread safe
26775 Bug Samba fixes for CVE-2017-14746 and CVE-2017-15275
26785 Bug Use websockets to prevent Support debug upload from timing out
26797 Bug Fix error when replacing a failed disk
26803 Feature Add netmap kernel module
26834 Bug Do not destroy GELI metadata on failed encrypted import
26878 Bug Add zfs.pool.query method to create Docker VM
26913 Bug Fixes to address OpenSSL CVE 17:11
26923 Bug Fix volume creation traceback
26925 Bug Fix error in volume import
26936 Bug Fix deadlock on middlewared startup
26938 Bug Remove runtime depend on GCC from grub2-efi
26973 Bug Fix error message when unlocking an encrypted volume


12684 Bug Do not create an actual /nonexistent directory
21336 Bug Add ability to attach smaller disk to a larger one
23197 Bug Try to validate certificate before importing it
24000 Bug Improve FHA locality control for NFS read/write requests
24942 Bug Register mDNS on all interfaces
25037 Bug Fix AWS-SNS Alert Service
25236 Feature Add Docker section to Guide
25966 Bug Update module that reports ARC Hit Ratio
26470 Bug Allow interfaces to be selected from netcli
26509 Bug Autostart at boot iocage jails that have property boot=on
26531 Bug Make sure mDNS starts
26663 Bug Fix disk attach/detach of boot pool
26800 Bug Fork netatalk
26990 Bug Fix regression that prevented VNC connection
26993 Bug Allow special characters in grub-bhyve password
27001 Bug Fix mDNS traceback
27018 Bug Don’t create iocage datasets if no jails exist
27088 Bug Fix iocage logging
27097 Bug Avoid exception when number of maximum swap mirrors is reached
27098 Bug Fix destroying system datasets on migrate
27099 Bug Fix traceback on cloud credentials
27124 Bug Fixes to address OpenSSL SA 17:12
27128 Bug Do not destroy volume if wizard import fails
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