After the LCDProc package (build scripts and plugin interface) has been finished, i wanted to test it in real action. So i bought the following hardware:

USB to HD44780 adaptor
HD44780 comp. 16×2 LCD display (blue)

Hopefully i receive them very soon, so i can start testing. From my experiences with that i will generate a simple GUI for FreeNAS.


  1. lonzo

    Any news about the lcdproc package and gui? Looking forward to it (still a noob freenas user, so hoping for a nice documentation too). Keep up the great work.

  2. Volker

    I got it working, but adding a simple GUI seems to be impossible (too many options and features for many different drivers). Seems that the user had to edit the configfile itself.

  3. lonzo

    No pain no gain.

    Well, if you can give an example, maybe post your configfile, i think it would be enough.

  4. robert

    just installed 0.685b….fantastic. Then started looking to plug in my vfd using lcdproc. can’t wait to have the capability. I’m a real newbie though so I could use some help installing the lcdproc package.

  5. lonzo

    any news about the LCD package GUI?

  6. DavidO

    Maybe take a look at PFsense (also FreeBSD based) and see how they do it through package management.
    Id be happy with something similar to that.


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