July 10 Plugins Update

The latest plugins update addresses several security advisories as well as a bug that prevented the successful installation of the Zoneminder plugin. The latest versions should appear in Plugins ⇾ Available and existing plugin installations can be updated to the new versions using the instructions below.

Before updating a plugin, review its Release Notes in the table below to determine if the update will impact your configuration. Then, determine the jail_name for the plugin:  go to Plugins ⇾ Installed and note the name of the plugin in the Jails column.

To update the plugin, type this command, replacing jail_name with the actual name shown in Plugins ⇾ Installed:

iocage update jail_name

Note that you will need to restart the plugin once the update is finished.

It is recommended to make a snapshot of your current plugin version before updating. Detailed instructions for creating a plugins snapshot and rolling back to a previous snapshot are available in this post.

Security Advisories

Affected Package Security Advisory Impacted Plugins
ffmpeg CVE-2019-12730 CVE-2019-13390 Emby, Plex, Plex Pass
python36 CVE-2019-9740 CVE-2019-9948 Many


Plugin from to Release Notes Notes
GitLab 11.11.3_1 12.0.3 https://about.gitlab.com/2019/07/03/security-release-gitlab-12-dot-0-dot-3-released/ CVE-2019-13001
Jenkins 2.182 2.184 https://jenkins.io/changelog/
Nextcloud 16.0.1 16.0.2 https://nextcloud.com/blog/nextcloud-16.0.2-15.0.9-and-14.0.13-available-now/
Plex Media Server https://forums.plex.tv/t/plex-media-server/30447/272
Plex Media Server (Plex Pass) https://forums.plex.tv/t/plex-media-server/30447/273
radarr https://github.com/Radarr/Radarr/releases/tag/v0.2.0.1358
Unifi Controller 5.10.24 5.10.25 https://community.ui.com/releases/UniFi-Network-Controller-Stable-5-10-25/fc76945d-c918-4d8d-8cd1-094d05287f45
Zoneminder 1.32.3_2 1.32.3_2 Same version, bug fix for fresh installs: https://jira.ixsystems.com/browse/NAS-102410


  1. Tony Scicchitano

    Any obvious reason why a Plex update always fails (no successful updates since 11.2)? My workaround involves installing the new Plex plugin in a new jail, copying over the settings from the older Plex jail and then deleting the old jail.

    • Dru Lavigne

      Please create a report at bugs.ixsystems.com so we can determine what in your configuration is causing the update to fail for you.

    • Dan

      Tony, what I’ve been doing forever is to use jexec to get into the jail, stop the plexmediaserver service, run pkg upgrade, and then start the service again.

  2. Observation

    For whatever reason the Unifi Controller plugin does not show as available on (at least) FreeNAS 11.2-U5 (it does not show up in the list of available plugins at all).

  3. Observation

    Thanks! (Apparantly I had missed the earlier post.)


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