January Plugin Updates

January has been a busy month for Plugins. Nearly a dozen Plugins were updated today to address newer versions or security fixes. We’ve also have a user-contributed plugin for OpenVPN and are actively looking for testers willing to install, use, and provide feedback for that plugin.

Updated Plugins

If you’re new to updating Plugins on the 11.2 series, read through December FreeNAS Plugins Updates first for an overview.

It’s important to always read the Changelog before updating a plugin so you are aware of any known caveats associated with updating to the new version. For this reason, we include hyperlinks to the Changelogs in this blog post.

These Plugins have updates available:

  • ClamAV updated from 0.100.2 to 0.101.1,1.
  • GitLab updated from 11.5.4 to 11.6.4. This is a major version update which introduces many new features and some deprecations. Due to the major bump, also refer to the Changelogs for 11.6.1, 11.6.2, and 11.6.3. This update also addresses CVE-2019-6240.
  • irssi updated from 1.1.1 to 1.1.2,1 to address CVE-2019-5882.
  • Jenkins updated from 2.155 to 2.161to address a security vulnerability.
  • Jenkins (LTS) updated from 2.150.1 to 2.150.2 to address a security vulnerability.
  • Nextcloud updated from 15.0.0 to 15.0.2. If your current version is below 15.0.0, also carefully read the 15.0.0 Changelog before updating as moving to 15.0.0 is a major version bump. This month’s update also added optional Imagemagick support to allow thumbnail support.
  • PlexMediaServer updated from to
  • PlexMediaServer (PlexPass) updated from to
  • qbittorrent updated from 4.1.3 to 4.1.5_1.
  • Syncthing updated from 0.14.54 to 1.0.0.
  • XMRig updated from 2.8.3 to 2.9.4.

OpenVPN Plugin for Testing

Since this plugin is still in the testing stage, it must be installed from the command line of the FreeNAS system. Once installed, it will be added to the Plugins → Installed Plugins page of the UI where it can be managed like any other plugin.

To install from the FreeNAS command line:

git clone https://github.com/gitbulb/iocage-plugin-openvpn

iocage fetch -P -n ./openvpn dhcp=on bpf=yes vnet=on --accept

If you run into any issues using this plugin or have comments on how to improve this plugin, create a github pull request or issue at https://github.com/gitbulb/iocage-plugin-openvpn. That link also contains a detailed README for configuring and using this plugin.


  1. diskdiddler

    Thank you for the ongoing hard work. I really hope, in time, more people with coding skill contribute and help out with the plugins going forward.

  2. Philip Robar

    And of course the work around for the broken GUI update process doesn’t itself work:

    [root@server ~]# iocage list
    | JID | NAME | STATE | RELEASE | IP4 |
    | 3 | plex | up | 11.2-RELEASE | DHCP |
    [root@server ~]# iocage update plex
    Snapshotting plex…
    Updating plugin INDEX…
    /mnt/space1/iocage/.plugin_index/plex.json was not found!
    [root@server ~]# ls /mnt/space1/iocage/.plugin_index/


    Also since the link to the GUI bug given in the December Plugin Updates post can’t be seen by anyone outside of iXsystems because its owner apparently has been too lazy for weeks now to remove the personally identifiable data from bug so that the public can follow it, I guess that we should assume that fixing plugin related bugs (even those in the framework itself) is a very low priority for iXsystems and thus we shouldn’t count on it getting fixed any time in the foreseeable future.

    So that leaves us with workarounds that may or may not break our jails since they’re not themselves supported:
    1) Use FreeBSD’s updating process inside the jail, even though you’re not supposed to use them inside a jail.
    2) Use the PMS_Updater script and hope that it doesn’t breaks things since it hasn’t been updated for iocages.


    3) Delete and recreate your jail everytime a plugin is updated.


    • Dru Lavigne

      Were you able to resolve this? I cannot reproduce this error when I run “iocage update plex”.

      • Philip Robar

        I updated PMS_Updater and used it. I’ll try the official methods when the next Plex update comes out.

  3. Darryl

    I am with Philip. My initial and continued purpose for FreeNAS is as a simpler, more dependable Plex server. The latter has never been a question. Rock solid performance. But wow, as someone with middle of the road command line skills, FreeNAS has been a major pain to manage … and the confusing release notes and forum updates (does it work or not) have only made this otherwise simple task up updating Plex more difficult. My expectations are small AND I so want to be a fan. Please fix this or at least communicate better, so that I can be one again.

    • Dru Lavigne

      We’re open to suggestions on how to improve the Release Notes as they are meant to be a comprehensive but succint messaging for end-users so they know what to expect in a release and how changes impact them.

      • Ixian

        If you install the Plex plugin (regular or -plexpass) it creates a jail called “Plex”. The update json file in the jail is not called plex, it is called plexmediaserver or plexmediaserver-plexpass.

        Running “iocage update plex” doesn’t work for this reason. If you rename the jail to either plexmediaserver or plexmediaserver-plexpass, depending on which you installed, it does.

        It’s possible this was modified in 11.2U1 – hard to say from the bug notes – but there certainly seem to be a large subset of users with this problem if the forum posts are any indication.


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