January #MissionComplete Best Story

Our #MissionComplete project continues with users telling their stories about how TrueNAS, FreeNAS, FreeBSD, OpenZFS and iXsystems Servers and Support helped them complete a challenging technical mission.

The best #MissionComplete story for January was sent in by Ben Dailey who deployed a 36TB FreeNAS system at a public school as a backup solution. We would like to thank Ben with a $50 Amazon Gift Card and FreeNAS T-shirt!

“FreeNAS with FreeBSD as its base helped save our local taxpayers $36,000”

I worked for a small public school district.

We were in need of a backup solution for our Hyper-V cluster, Windows, Mac and Linux servers. We engaged two consultants to provide solutions. The most inexpensive option we were presented with cost $48,000. I was able to build us a brand new FreeNAS server with twice the usable capacity for $12,000. The server was only half populated with disks and RAM, so we had room to grow. The server had dual Intel Xeon E5-2630 v2 2.6GHz processors, 192GB of Registered ECC DDR3 1600 RAM and 16 x 4TB Seagate Enterprise SAS 6Gb/s HDDs, configured in a single pool with 2, 7-disk RaidZ2 vdevs with 1 hot spare and 1 shelved cold spare, for about 36TB of usable capacity. I used 2 mirrored 256GB Samsung 850 Pro SSDs as a SLOG for the ZIL., 2 striped 512GB 850 Pro SSDs for the L2ARC and, 2 mirrored 128GB 850 pro SSDs for FreeNAS. FreeNAS with FreeBSD as its base helped save our local taxpayers $36,000, not to mention the savings on support and maintenance. Thanks for helping make that possible.

Good luck on your next mission and keep your #MissionComplete stories coming!

iXsystems Marketing Team

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  1. Jonathan

    I guess they have an on-site person to do the support for this.


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