FreeNAS 9.10 Released


2016 will bring revolutionary changes to the world’s number one software-defined storage solution, FreeNAS. It all starts with this week’s FreeNAS 9.10 release which unveils the operating system that will power the next generation of FreeNAS.

Based on FreeBSD 10.3, FreeNAS 9.10 combines hundreds of FreeBSD improvements with dozens of bug fixes and feature requests, while retaining the familiar user interface. Topping the list of FreeNAS 9.10 features are greater speed and scalability, dozens of new hardware drivers, USB 3.0 support, and the addition of the bhyve hypervisor.

Intel Skylake CPU and I219-V & I219-LM Gigabit Ethernet controller support stand out from a platform perspective and users can now use USB 3.0 storage and network controllers. FreeNAS plugin jails have been upgraded to FreeBSD 10.3 templates, which are binary compatible with existing jails. For the more adventuresome, FreeNAS 9.10 also includes FreeBSD’s bhyve hypervisor, opening the door to hosting virtual machines on FreeNAS with operating systems such as GNU/Linux and SmartOS.

For more information about FreeNAS 9.10, please see the forum announcement, release notes and change log. Current FreeNAS 9.3 users are encouraged to upgrade to FreeNAS 9.10 to stay current with the latest bug fixes and feature requests. Thank you for using FreeNAS, and we welcome your feedback!

Michael Dexter
Senior Analyst


  1. Emory

    Huge release and a runway to FreeNAS 10. What’s not to love?! Hope you guys are feeling proud of this one.

  2. Jeffrey Lanham

    Does this mean you will continue releases on 11 and beyond in the future as they come out from the FreeBSD team?

    • Joshms


  3. Robert Friemer

    I’m using FreeBSD for years now. Now I got the chance to install FreeNAS for our first NAS and WOW what for a System!!!!
    FreeNAS makes working a LOT easier!!!!!
    After 20 Minutes working with it I’ve done NIC-bounding for the first time and it worked like a charme.

    This system is the best.


  4. Paul

    I upgraded from 9.3 to 9.10 yesterday (on an HPN54L). It went perfectly. THANKS. I use this primarily to backup my Synology Diskstation, which I acquired first (no jails or other complications; it’s just an rsync target in a locked room in the basement with ZFS, a low electricity bill and peace of mind).

    Synology recently released version 6 of their Diskstation Manager but I’m holding off applying the upgrade as the Synology community forum has MANY MANY reports of problems with it.

    Meanwhile, I have had to take measures to ensure the Windows 7 PCs in the house are not upgraded to Windows 10 (including adding firewall rules to the router) — a) because I have no desire to use it and b) almost without exception everyone I know who has had this inflicted on them involuntarily has had to take their computers to be serviced by people who can recover their files and restore them to normal operation (all members of my wife’s book club except her e.g.).

    A painless upgrade that “just works” is something to be thankful for. It’s one of the reasons that in this house we’re moving from Windows 7 to Linux (Mint) not Windows 10 — that and asserting greater control of our own information.

    Synology’s DSM6 adds BTRFS to the file system capabilities, but only on the high-end hardware. I will be interested to see if FreeNAS 10 makes a dent in the market for DSM; it should!

    I’ve been happy running different systems, partly for security reasons, but I could see switching to FreeNAS entirely and would be tickled to see DSM’s installed base targetted directly.

  5. Munkhbayar.B

    Thank guys,

    New releases always appreciated, not only for the new number. I know it’s big endeavour at backend.


  6. Phil Broughton


    I upgraded from 9.3 and looks like a fix has been regressed preventing SMARTD from starting…

    I have an identical problem to this bug in 9.10-stable

    SMARTD won’t start because it dynamically creates smart.conf file with lines > 256 characters and then fails to read due to 256 limit 🙁

  7. Paul

    I have a small home-built NAS, based around an ASRock Q1900 mini ITX board and twin 2.5″ 1TB WD Red hard drives, which has been running for a year now under FreeNAS 9.3. I had to reverse updates to 9.3 a couple of times in the autumn, as the updated system did not work, and have been continuing to run a version from last September. However, I had no problems at all with the update to 9.10, it’s good to be back up to date with FreeNAS now, and I look forward to FreeNAS 10.

  8. Mick

    I also just upgraded my HP Proliant N54L from 9.3 to 9.10 via the GUI which took me about 10 minutes and was completely numpty-proof, so many thanks for that stress free experience!

  9. cmfrtblynmb

    Well that was a little scary. Upgraded from 9.3 to 9.10 but I had link aggregation with 3 NICs. Couldn’t ping the NAS or get to the web control. Which sucked because I didn’t have a graphics card or keyboard on it. Once I was able to see what was going on it didn’t see any NIC interfaces and told me to try it manually. After resetting the interface it reset to my static IP and I was good to go. With my link aggregations in tact. Wiping sweat from forehead!!! Upgrading plugins now.

  10. Michael Greene

    I currently have a SuperMicro MBD-X10SLH-F-O motherboard running ESXi 6 update 2 with no issues and I would like to run FreeNAS virtualized on my server. I need a raid/sata controller to support a minimum of six hdd’s. The onboard controller is a Marvell and even though I pass it through to the FreNAS VM, I am not able to see the attached drives. That being said, I would like to have a dedicated controller for FreeNAS, but I am not sure what type of card to get. I’ve read that LSI is the way to got, but If someone could share there on experience with LSI or suggest a specific model number that will for work with version 9.10.

  11. Evan Rowley

    I also noticed that SMARTD was not starting, but there appears to be an update available. Tonight I will install it, then report if that fixed the SMARTD problem.

  12. Nick Lutz

    Nice upgrade FreeNAS staff! Upgrade using ISO worked perfectly. Hardware: HP G7 385 AMD 32 Cores 256GB RAM + 2 24 drive MAS expansion racks full of 10K 2.5″ drives (300G, 900G, 1.2TB). Also 4 200GB WD SSD’s for cache. The 10Gbit network makes for a quick ISCSI setup for moving storage around quickly in my Hyper-V environments (yeah, Microsoft is not my choice).

    Note: For the 1st time on a major upgrade, Active Directory is working out of the box! Congrats FreeNAS people!

  13. scott

    too bad 9.10-2 gets stuck “loading kernel modules”. LOTS of this problem from what i’ve been reading. Now i need another NAS program 🙁 .. bought new computer and everything for freenas, seems my older software, 8.XX, and old PC are better?

    • Joshms

      Sorry you’re having trouble! If you will open a ticket on our bug tracker we will be glad to help you get FreeNAS running on your system!

  14. Carlos Hernandez

    Hi. I have FreeNAS-9.3-STABLE. If I use the button to check the automatic updates online, it does not work, it says that the server can not be found, however I can access from a PC to the same URL.

    But I want to consult with you if I can update my current version directly to version 11.1. Is there any risk?

    Thank you.


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