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Hi folks,

Time for another FreeNAS release! This one fixes a number of issues in as well as addressing the “shellshock” security vulnerability in bash (to which FreeNAS is not generally vulnerable as bash is not the system shell, but it was still worth fixing).

The list of bugs fixed in can be found here. The release notes for

  • Fix bug where use of NONE cipher in replication erroneously reported an error on a successful replication.
  • Don’t enable lz4 compression on replication by default if upgrading from a pre- release.
  • Multiple kernel iSCSI / CTL improvements. This includes VMWare VAAI and Microsoft ODX acceleration support, improved performance and fixes for number of bugs. Kernel iSCSI can be activated by checking the experimental target checkbox under services -> iSCSI.
  • Improve performance of viewing snapshots when replication tasks are set up.
  • Allow binding CIFS to specific IPs.
  • Fix LDAP bind URL when using TLS.
  • Validate AD advanced settings. If the GC or DC are manually specified make sure they are reachable.
  • Set UNIX permissions when the Mac permissions radio button is selected. Netatalk does not play nicely with ACLs.
  • Fix a bug in the mail sending routines used by FreeNAS. With some mailserver configurations the To: address could’ve been set to root instead of the address specified in the root user.
  • Fix a bug that prevented the system from showing the replicated status of a snapshot if the remote path differed from the local path.
  • “Shellshock” security vulnerability in bash (which is not the system shell FreeNAS or FreeBSD) proactively closed.

We hope everyone enjoys this release of FreeNAS!

The FreeNAS Development Team


  1. Hayden Smart

    Upgraded from 9.1.1 to on
    Mobo: Asus A597 R2.0
    CPU: AMD FX 8150
    RAM: 32GB (2 of Corsair 16GB DDR3)
    HDD” 5 of WD Red 2TB (ZFS5)
    Network (3 of Intel Dual 1GBps PCIe)

    GUI upgrade worked perfectly and am super impressed with the new release.

    Now installing a CentOS Jail for Elastix Server and hope to shudown a soon to be redundant PC.

    Great work guys.

  2. martin


  3. Laurent

    checking out your new version !

  4. Jose Diaz

    Love freenas

  5. Oleg


  6. Marco

    Ottimo programma!

  7. Victor

    Thank you

  8. Edilberto


    I am having problems with credentials. I create the initial password it request at first time access. I then added a user and save its info. Logged out and try to log back in but does not recognize my credentials and have to go to system and do function 7 to reset password to get back on via GUI. I am on release any help on credential issue?


    • Michael Dexter

      Note that the Administrative user changed from “admin” to “root”.

  9. Patrick

    is the source code for FreeNAS- available any where. i thought as open source the code was available for experimenting. may b i miss understand.

    • Joon Lee

      The source code is at, versions are built from src from that point in time.


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