FreeNAS 11.1 is Now Available for Download!

FreeNAS 11.1 Provides Greater Performance and Cloud Integration

The FreeNAS Development Team is excited and proud to present FreeNAS 11.1! FreeNAS 11.1 adds cloud integration, OpenZFS performance improvements, including the ability to prioritize resilvering operations, and preliminary Docker support to the world’s most popular software-defined storage operating system. This release includes an updated preview of the beta version of the new administrator graphical user interface, including the ability to select display themes. This post provides a brief overview of the new features.

The base operating system has been updated to the STABLE version of FreeBSD 11.1, which adds new features, updated drivers, and the latest security fixes. Support for Intel® Xeon® Scalable Family processors, AMD Ryzen processors, and HBA 9400-91 has been added.

FreeNAS 11.1 adds a cloud sync (data import/export to the cloud) feature. This new feature lets you sync (similar to backup), move (erase from source), or copy (only changed data) data to and from public cloud providers that include Amazon S3 (Simple Storage Services), Backblaze B2 Cloud, Google Cloud, and Microsoft Azure.



OpenZFS has noticeable performance improvements for handling multiple snapshots and large files. Resilver Priority has been added to the Storage screen of the graphical user interface, allowing you to configure resilvering at a higher priority at specific times. This helps to mitigate the inherited challenges and risks associated with storage array rebuilds on very large capacity drives.

FreeNAS 11.1 adds preliminary Docker container support, delivered as a VM built from RancherOS. This provides a mechanism for automating application deployment inside containers and a graphical tool for managing Docker containers. Please report any issues you encounter when beta testing this feature to assist the development team in improving it for the next major release of FreeNAS.

Finally, there are updates to the new Angular-based administrative GUI, including the addition of several themes. The FreeNAS team expects the new administrative GUI to achieve parity with the current one for the FreeNAS 11.2 release. To see a preview of the new GUI, click the BETA link on the login screen. Here is an example of the new GUI’s main dashboard, with the available themes listed in the upper right corner.



The FreeNAS community is large and vibrant. We invite you to join us on the FreeNAS forum. To download FreeNAS 11.1 RELEASE and sign-up for the FreeNAS Newsletter, visit

The FreeNAS Development Team


  1. Anthony Kershaw


    do you have a feature that will show what files are currently open and a list of any users that are sharing those open files?

  2. Terry Pounds

    Thank you!!!

    • Joon Lee

      Thank you for your support! Please file any bugs you encounter!

      • Bernd

        a really really nice new gui!!!
        greate work!

        but one question 🙂
        where can I find the overwiev of my drives?


  3. EKOMP

    Great news. I’m really looking forward to FreeNAS future!

  4. nico

    Thank You
    Been using Freenas 9 on my nas box for the last 4 years or so without any problems.
    Awesome software and looking forward in trying out 11.1 for my second nas

    • Collin

      Can i use this free nas software as a back up storage device so that usera can automatically back up their file?

  5. Brian Vess

    I have been using FreeNAS for about 6 months. Wonderful software. Thank you for the update.

  6. Andrew Lamarra

    I’ve been waiting for for the ability to back up to AWS! Will there be support for Amazon Glacier in the near future?

  7. Dylan Kauling

    I think this may finally be the release that makes me wipe my Corral install and start anew. Thank you for getting Docker out the door! 😀

  8. Per Lindahl

    Upgraded last night, stable as ever!

    Nice job!

  9. John Germain

    CPU temperature display now works again with this version. Nice to know and nice not to receive error messages. THANKS

  10. wayne

    upgraded and complete system crash, thanks

  11. Hendrik Schepkens

    when is 11.2 to be expected

  12. Riko

    Thank you guys for the great job and for #1 NAS-OS

  13. Edward

    I’m having issues with Plex media Player..after loading up my files and go to to Plex it doesn’t show the media files

  14. David

    Did you improve accessibility for users of screen reading technology (e. g. the installation process, the web interface, the new docker support, etc.)?

  15. Nicholas Maietta

    I was just discussing today that FreeNAS is BSD based and that I was bummed because I wanted to be able to do a tad bit more than just a local storage system. I wanted to be able to run a couple of docker containers. Well, i just learned that it is now supported via a VM running RancherOS! Whoah.

    The next challenge is to see if it will install on an old intel based Mac Mini server as it has 2 disks and it’s what I have to test on for the moment.

    Thank you!

    • Joon Lee

      You’re welcome!

  16. Johnny Good

    Thank you for adding B2!

  17. Joe

    When will AMD EPYC CPU’s. E supported?

  18. Michael B

    Hi, I’m a bit of a noob and i think i already have this version, but i am experiencing issues with PLEX. I cant update it through the NAS plugins and i was wondering if i ever there comes a time where a fresh installation is ideal. Everything works the way i want but i cant stream 4k or mp3 very well.

    I just bought a back up HDD to copy to, so that if needs be, i can start again, but i remember it took me a month of sundays to do it, and im not sure i have the wherewithal do to it again. Can someone make a suggestion?

    • Joon Lee


      We understand your frustration but we would need more information before we suggest anything.
      Recommend posting this question onto the forums before you do a fresh install. You might be able to get some valuable input from the FreeNAS Community.

  19. Tom

    I can not get the wizard to start after installation. Any Ideas?

    • Joon Lee

      What version of FreeNAS are you trying to install?


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