FreeNAS Sabanda Released!

The FreeNAS Development Team is pleased to announce the availability of FreeNAS 0.7.2 Sabanda. This is a maintenance release of FreeNAS 0.7. it improves it’s functions and the translations of the WEBGUI. Also we did add 2 new translations and give it some new features.

New Features

– Samba 3.5.5.
– AIO settings from the WEBGUI.
– AMD CPU on-die digital thermal sensor.
– Advanced format 4kb sector (UFS/GPT data partition)
(data partition in the boot disk is always aligned to 32KB)
– Virtual machine guest support (VMware and Virtialbox)

Full release notes:


The FreeNAS Development Team.


  1. Jonas

    Did i get this right?
    With this release it’s no problem using 4K discs like WD Green 2TB and ZFS in a RAID.

    Cheers and keep the good work up!


  2. Sebastian

    At first, FreeNAS is an excellent solution. Second, how could i get working dropbox application on a FreeNAS box? Third, Thanks for all.

  3. wigglethorpe

    I’m not sure where we can get the release from. Sourceforge even reports the release notes aren’t available. Where can we get the updates?

  4. Rafael

    hi can i upgrade from shere to sabanda? and if so will i loose my configuration…

  5. Olen

    The best new feature are the non-stop faults. I love a NAS that won’t run for more than 10 minutes without crashing.

    I’m so glad I violated the “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it” rule and upgraded.


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