FreeNAS 0.685b released

After a long time and hard work we’ve released a new beta version of FreeNAS. It includes many new features and hopefully less bugs than the previous version.

You can have a look on the changes here:


  1. kupujem

    really great changes and effort, but what about ZFS that we’re all waiting from the moment it became available in freebsd? I believe that this will boost freenas far ahead other (linux based) NAS projects. (not that it’s not good as it is)

  2. Volker

    ZFS will be included if it is official available in FreeBSD. This should be FreeBSD 7.0.

  3. Olivier

    This is an unstable ‘snapshot’ release, and not a stable.

  4. Peter

    Really great changes! And a great speedimprovement; in my setup went network utilisation up from 51% to 65%! When will it be possible to link usermanagement to directory management?

  5. Vig

    I would like to see FreeNAS boot and join the network without having to connect the PC to a display and keyboard…

  6. Paul Lush

    I would love to see this ported to the Western Digital World units (NSLU, ARM9 etc). Ill provide the hardware if you want to try it. Just email me.


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