Convertion to sysvinit nearly completed

The boot code currently used in FreeNAS has been nearly completely converted into shell scripts. This has been done to use the FreeBSD sysvinit system and to make FreeNAS working more like FreeBSD. This enables us to provide the ability to use the FreeBSD package system without any big code changes. Because of the FreeNAS system architecture this is only possible on the new harddisk installation option that will be provided with 0.685b.


  1. Olivier

    This mean that Volker works a lot’s for rewrite a huge part of the FreeNAS code.
    The negative part is that we need to test all FreeNAS features to release the 0.685b: For trying to limitin the regression bugs.

  2. Volker

    That’s right, but i think we will make it. On the other hand, such an code review as it has been done during the recoding hasn’t been done till now. And i can tell you that i found may bugs 🙂
    And the best, now some features work without doing something. I think that’s because i’ve added many FreeBSD scripts and shell commands that were missing before.

  3. Peter

    Any idea when 0.685b comes out? I can’t wait for some directory management for the FTP-server.

  4. Olivier

    I’ve meet a problem with iscsi-target that refuse to start on this release. It’s the last known major bug to fix before to release the 0.685b.


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