At Last: FreeNAS 0.684b is out

I’ve found two little bugs just before release it, but it’s not very important bug:

  • When pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del, the rc.shutdown script doesn’t work (

  • The French accent are not correctly displayed: I’ve have the character ‘e in the place of è and ^o in the place of ô.

I’ve added the QEMU image too (excellent free virtualization tools).

I will try to debug the FreeNAS AMD64 release one day too.

Still not resolved the file permission problem (I must improve my file permission knoledge under FreeBSD before).

My 5 years old PC is dying: I will try some iMac this week-end…


  1. ST

    Hi, my apology for leaving the comment here as I happened to reach this blog when searching google.

    This is related to tuning and improvement to Samba under FreeNAS.

    I have a working 2 disks FreeNAS 0.684b setup.

    Under FreeNAS default setting, 100Mbit Ethernet. WinXP-SP2 client. FTP transfer is up to 99% line speed. SMB transfer is 60-70% line speed

    I enabled WebGui Kernel tuning option and have manually adjusted/added FreeNAS SMB parameters to reach up to 70-89% of 100Mbit link.

    I am unable to go further because I think I need to adjust individual kernel parameters to go further. . I could not find the file FreeNAS uses to change kernel tuning parameters. Is it possible to let me know where and how I can modify the kernel parameters individually inside the console during runtime so that I can test the changes. Thanks.

  2. Olivier

    Kernel parameters are changed via the command line:

    You can check on the code (
    , look for this function:
    function system_tuning()

    And here is an example of use:
    /sbin/sysctl net.inet.tcp.sendspace=65536

  3. ST

    Hi, Olivier,

    My apology I have to restate statistics using the FreeNAS Graph screen. after adjustments

    A. Dedicated Server
    FreeNAS 0.684b. Monitoring Network using FreeNAS WebGUI Graph option. 100Mbps. Disabled kernel tuning GUI option and manually adjust.

    B. Client test (no special tuning) using large files 100MB-300MB
    1. FC7-Test GNOME. Nautilus Drag and drop. Samba around 2. FC7-Test console FTP. 97-99Mbp
    3. Windows 2000-SP4 mapped drive. explorer drag and drop 52+Mbps. XCOPY 52+Mbps (Samba)
    4. Linux console SMBCLIENT 80+Mbps. console stat states 9000+ Kb/s (Samba)

    I will try further to see if I can improve without client tuning on Windows environments. However, I have no idea why the GNOME Nautilus desktop drag and drop stat is rather low.



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