Actual state of FreeNAS development

Right at the moment we had some problems with systems running >= 2GB RAM. It is not possible to boot FreeNAS on this systems. To solve the problem the current workaround is to reduce RAM to 1GB. I will keep an eye on this problem.

ZFS integration has been done in 0.7, so it is possible to create pools and datasets via WebGUI. The integration of ZFS is not really seamless because of the new workflow ZFS uses, e.g. it is not necessary to mount the disks manually as it has to be done when using ‘normal’ disks/filesystems.

Till 0.69/0.7 revision 3468 the following changes has been done:
– Included access restrictions WebGUI for mount points, so it is possible to define access rights for each mount point.

– Removed ACPI in kernel, using kernel module instead. Hopefully this will fix misc problems on some systems that do not like ACPI.

– LiveCD creation scripts has been improved, maybe this will also fix some boot problems on misc systems.

– VLAN and LAGG support has been included

– WLAN WEP/WPA should work now


  1. Jeff Waddell

    I’m really glad to see ZFS support has finally been integrated into FreeNAS! I’ve downloaded the June 6 nightly to play around with, and it looks great! Except for some permission issues with shares (I have to chmod 777 the mnt directory), the only issue I have resides with the WebGUI and ZFS. I like to go back and forth between the GUI and CLI for ZFS administration (since the WebGUI is pretty basic), and any zpools or datasets created through the command line don’t appear within the WebGUI. This makes it impossible to use the WebGUI to set CIFS, etc sharing. So if this could be fixed (automatically updating the WebGUI for new zpools and datasets and snapshots), I’d be set. One other question I have is why can’t I enable the xattr property on zfs datasets? Merci beaucoup pour votre grand travail!

  2. On Demand

    good work guys! let me know if there’s any way we can support.

    Alani Kuye
    Phantm Data Systems Inc.

  3. fuckyou

    Great just great. I was getting ready to switch to BSD or solaris to get access to ZFS for my nas. This makes my day. Thanks and good luck.

  4. LinuxGuru


    I have using FreeNAS (ZFS file system) storage unfortunately it was power off. some data lost after the boot. if any possible recover my data.


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