FreeBSD Developers' Update

Posted in Blog, FreeBSD Community, Tech Spotlight on April 21, 2014

It’s been a while since we showcased some of our behind-the-scenes efforts, so here’s a quick update on what certain members of iXsystems have been working on for the FreeBSD community.

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FreeNAS Professional Training Courses Announced by iXsystems

Posted in Announcement, FreeNAS, FreeNAS News, Press Release on April 14, 2014

Courses, led by an experienced instructor, will teach both new and advanced users how to hone their skills with FreeNAS and ZFS

iXsystems, Inc. today announced the availability of a series of live online FreeNAS professional training courses. This initiative will give members of the FreeNAS community access to focused instruction on how to get the most out of FreeNAS and ZFS, and ultimately administer and maintain complex FreeNAS systems.

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iXsystems Partners with FreeBSD News to Expand FreeBSD Events and Development Coverage

Posted in Announcement, FreeBSD Community, Misc, Press Release on April 09, 2014

Combined efforts will take site to the "next level" through introduction of new and relevant content

iXsystems, the company that brings the world FreeNAS, PC-BSD and TrueOS, is proud to announce its recent partnership with Gerard van Essen, the creator of As part of the agreement with Gerard, iXsystems will now maintain and host

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Great Wide Open 2014 Recap

Posted in Blog, FreeBSD Community, FreeNAS, Tradeshow Events on April 04, 2014
The inaugural Great Wide Open conference was held in downtown Atlanta. This well organized conference had over 600 attendees and 6 presentation tracks over 2 days. Most of the attendees were local to Atlanta which speaks to the breadth of the IT talent in the Atlanta area.

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Posted in Blog, Servers on March 21, 2014
You may remember MEGACORE, the monster of a server we built for the FreeBSD Foundation. Recently one of our clients had specific networking requirements for a 2U/4 node solution, so we came up with a custom build that fit all of their needs. Meet "MEGAPORT". To get an idea of how impressive this system is, we have to look at it piece by piece.

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AsiaBSDCON 2014 Recap

Posted in Blog, FreeBSD Community, FreeNAS, Tradeshow Events on March 20, 2014
This year’s AsiaBSDCon was a historic event. Hiroki Sato, organizer of the conference, announced that there were 139 people, including 30 speakers in attendance, and the keynotes were standing room only. This was the largest AsiaBSDCon conference since he started hosting it back in 2007.

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Jenkins and Bhyve: Continuous Integration for FreeBSD by Craig Rodrigues

Posted in Blog, FreeBSD Community on March 18, 2014
On March 13, 2014, Craig Rodrigues gave a talk to a packed room during the monthly BAFUG meeting at Hacker Dojo. The talk discussed the progress of the effort to date, the use of BHyve VM's in the effort, and future plans.

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iXsystems Announces All-New FreeNAS Mini Storage Device

Posted in FreeNAS, FreeNAS News, Press Release, Storage News on March 06, 2014

Updated Mini Features ECC RAM, Eight-Core CPU, and Hardware-Accelerated ZFS Disk Encryption

iXsystems is proud to announce the third iteration of its FreeNAS Mini Home and Small Office storage device. The new FreeNAS Mini hardware has been completely redesigned to support the new features that have been added to the FreeNAS software over the past two and a half years. FreeNAS itself has undergone extensive development since the version shipped with the first FreeNAS Mini model in 2012, FreeNAS 8.0.1. The new models will ship with FreeNAS or later, and have the performance necessary to serve multiple streaming HD clients over the same network, transcode HD video to mobile devices, support multiple independent FreeNAS plugins, and support more filesystem and media sharing protocols than ever before, all with lower latency and increased throughput.

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